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  • How to disassemble a Hydraulic Jack

    In this video I am disassembling a hydraulic car jack that I bought for 15 euro. I wanted to see how it works and in which quality the parts are. I didn`t disassemble all of the parts. The pipe in the middle, the safety valve , and the ball valves are still in place, because I have no reason to do it. Everything is visible in the photos and the function also became clear. I have plans for an alternative use of the hydraulic jack, I will post about it once I have tested it.
    link to the hydraulic jack: Brueder Mannesmann Werkzeuge M 007-T-GS2 Hydraulischer Wagenheber 2 t

    the photos:
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  • Improvised opening of a screw nut on a hydraulic jack

    I wanted to make a quick video of the disassembling of a hydraulic jack, but opening the main screw nut on its top was a harder task than I thought before. After some impractical attempts and without owning an approbiate wrench I finally found an improvised method to open it. I didn`t even need a wrench, “only” two vices.