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  • Arduino Mega Protoshield Review

    This is a protoshield(short for prototype shield) for an Arduino Mega. They are sold for around 3 Euro and in my opinion it`s worth it compared to the afford it takes to make a shield like this by myself. All the pins, the two leds and the reset button are brought to the top and labelled correctly.  In the middle is a lot of room to solder electronic components onto it. In my case I want to solder a 10 degree of freedom IMU and some headers onto it and use it as a flight controller shield for my quadcopter.

    link to the protoshield: Ebay – Arduino Mega Protoshield


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  • Yihua 936 – Review of a 14 Euro Soldering Station

    It was more or less a coincidence that I saw this very cheap soldering station on Hobbyking, while looking for parts for my quadrocopter. Here is my review for it:

    The Yihua 936 soldering station is a real upgrade for my soldering tasks, compared to my old and more expensive soldering iron with wall plug and without temperature regulation.
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  • Brushless Motor A2212/13T 1000KV review

    For my quadrocopter I needed some good and cheap motors. This A2212 1000KV brushless outrunner motors from ebay seller global.mart are very cheap and in this video you can see what I got for my money. I`m also measuring the radial runout.

    link to the motors: Ebay A2212/13T 1000KV Brushless Motor

  • Matrix Keypad from Ebay [Review]

    This was the first video that I made for my Youtube channel and generally the first video that I uploaded to the internet. With a keypad I chose a relatively simple and “boring” electronic part. The goal for me was to find out how everything works, how to make the video, how to cut it, upload it and so on. Therefore it`s nothing special, but anyway if you want to see a review about a Matrix Keypad, here you got it: