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  • A2212 Motor and 10×4,5 Propeller on the Test Stand; Thrust, Current and Speed Measurement

    For my quadrocopter I have chosen the drive combination of A2212/13T 1000KV motors and 10×4,5 propellers. It`s time to get some data for the dimensioning. What I want to know is of course the thrust and the current at different rotational speeds. From that I can calculate how heavy the multicopter can or should be and how long I can fly with it. I screwed the motor with the propeller onto my homemade test-stand and connected it with a 3-cell Lithium Polymer battery, a 30A ESC and the Unitest 2, that I bought some years ago. Then I started with the measurement.
    link to the motors: Ebay A2212/13T 1000KV Brushless Motor
    link to the propellers: https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=48081

    Click here to download the open office calc diagram shown in the video: diagramm
    You can change the values and use it for your own measurements.

  • Brushless Motor A2212/13T 1000KV review

    For my quadrocopter I needed some good and cheap motors. This A2212 1000KV brushless outrunner motors from ebay seller global.mart are very cheap and in this video you can see what I got for my money. I`m also measuring the radial runout.

    link to the motors: Ebay A2212/13T 1000KV Brushless Motor