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  • What you can expect to see on the Experimentaltechnik channel and Website

    It was about time that I made this informational video about the projects and videos that I plan to make/upload. It is also the channel trailer that potential new subscribers will see when they visit my youtube channel`s frontpage that I just configured. On this website I will post additional information to the videos, and things that are better described with text and pictures rather than with videos.

  • Motor powered, Remote controlled Gyroscope Experiment

    Here a video about an experiment with the gyroscopic effect that I made. I find gyroscopes very interesting and wanted to make an experiment about them myself. I thought it would be practical to have a motor powered version, so that it keeps the same rotational speed all the time and can be remote controlled.
    It is working, but there are some practical design flaws that I adress in this video. I uploadet it a while ago and almost forgot to post it on my website.

  • Problems over Problems…

    I didn`t make a video for a month because nothing I planned worked. At first I had to change the code of the rotational speed sensor because of a mathematical error. Now it does work, but not for low velocities and I still don`t know where the mistake in the code is.

    Then I wanted to make a review of a cheap DC-DC converter but it never got delivered. I got my money back from paypal though.

    Another video I wanted to record outside didn`t work because appearently the microphone in the camera recorded everything louder than my voice: cars, airplanes, insects, undefined background noice,…
    And I don`t want to upload bad quality.
    Thats why I bought a seperate audio recorder, the Zoom H1. You can hear it in my newest video: Homemade Quadcopter – part 1: Project Start, the quality is much better than the internal camera microphone that I used for my videos before.

    With some other videos that I wanted to make instead of my planned ones, I had problems as well. So all in all it was a relative unfortunate time and I think I should produce some videos in advance to have a backup in case this happens again. Even though I only have a handfull subscribers at the moment I want to regulary upload videos. Now that I think about it, I don`t even know if anyone of them reads this. Greetings to you if you do!

  • How to disassemble a Hydraulic Jack

    In this video I am disassembling a hydraulic car jack that I bought for 15 euro. I wanted to see how it works and in which quality the parts are. I didn`t disassemble all of the parts. The pipe in the middle, the safety valve , and the ball valves are still in place, because I have no reason to do it. Everything is visible in the photos and the function also became clear. I have plans for an alternative use of the hydraulic jack, I will post about it once I have tested it.
    link to the hydraulic jack: Brueder Mannesmann Werkzeuge M 007-T-GS2 Hydraulischer Wagenheber 2 t

    the photos:
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  • Improvised opening of a screw nut on a hydraulic jack

    I wanted to make a quick video of the disassembling of a hydraulic jack, but opening the main screw nut on its top was a harder task than I thought before. After some impractical attempts and without owning an approbiate wrench I finally found an improvised method to open it. I didn`t even need a wrench, “only” two vices.

  • Powering a Notebook from a 12V battery

    Here I show how I supply my notebook with energy from a 12V battery with a car adapter.
    (I don`t know if it is available in other countries; if not: buy a similar product)

  • Changed my WordPress Theme to “raindrops”

    After some searching across the themes on wordpress.org I found a theme that I like: https://wordpress.org/themes/raindrops I like it much more than the default theme Twenty Fourteen. It allows to change and customize a lot more things(have a look at my pictures) than Twenty Fourteen, the blog posts are in the middle of the screen and the blog titles are not automatically set to uppercase letters. I also prefer Continue reading  Post ID 29

  • Welcome to my new blog!

    On this blog I plan to publish my youtube videos from: https://www.youtube.com/user/Experimentaltechnik
    I will also give additional information of my projects, post photos and download links and so on.
    At the moment I have to figure out how I can configurate this wordpress blog and its template. After that I will start by adding the videos that I have made and uploaded to my youtube channel so far.