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  • Flight Controller Shield for an Arduino Mega

    Here is part 3 of my homemade quadcopter series. I`m making the flight controller shield with a protoshield and the 10 dof IMU the GY-80. It would be easier to buy a complete flight controller with integrated IMU, but I already have the Sainsmart Mega and the IMU and I know how they work and that they work, so I decided to use them. The advantage of making a shield is that I can try different IMUs if I want, and it`s easy to add other components like LEDs or ultrasonic senosrs to the pins of the Arduino Mega. The disadvantage is the higher weight and the time that it takes to make the shield.
    In the last part of the video I test it with the Multiwii software.

  • Homemade Quadcopter – part 2: Making the Frame [How to]

    Here is the video of how I made my quadcopter frame. It consists of 4mm laminated birch wood for the centerplates and 10mm Aluminium square pipes for the arms. With 240g it won`t win the price for the lightest frame, but it is stable, relatively simple to make and it is possible to upgrade to stronger motors in the future.

  • What you can expect to see on the Experimentaltechnik channel and Website

    It was about time that I made this informational video about the projects and videos that I plan to make/upload. It is also the channel trailer that potential new subscribers will see when they visit my youtube channel`s frontpage that I just configured. On this website I will post additional information to the videos, and things that are better described with text and pictures rather than with videos.

  • Motor powered, Remote controlled Gyroscope Experiment

    Here a video about an experiment with the gyroscopic effect that I made. I find gyroscopes very interesting and wanted to make an experiment about them myself. I thought it would be practical to have a motor powered version, so that it keeps the same rotational speed all the time and can be remote controlled.
    It is working, but there are some practical design flaws that I adress in this video. I uploadet it a while ago and almost forgot to post it on my website.

  • Homemade Quadcopter – part 1: Project Start

    So I finally have all the important parts together and can build my quadrocopter. Here is the first video in which I give an overview about them and explain the basic concept. There will be more, in the next video I will show how I make the frame.

  • A2212 Motor and 10×4,5 Propeller on the Test Stand; Thrust, Current and Speed Measurement

    For my quadrocopter I have chosen the drive combination of A2212/13T 1000KV motors and 10×4,5 propellers. It`s time to get some data for the dimensioning. What I want to know is of course the thrust and the current at different rotational speeds. From that I can calculate how heavy the multicopter can or should be and how long I can fly with it. I screwed the motor with the propeller onto my homemade test-stand and connected it with a 3-cell Lithium Polymer battery, a 30A ESC and the Unitest 2, that I bought some years ago. Then I started with the measurement.
    link to the motors: Ebay A2212/13T 1000KV Brushless Motor
    link to the propellers: https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=48081

    Click here to download the open office calc diagram shown in the video: diagramm
    You can change the values and use it for your own measurements.

  • How to disassemble a Hydraulic Jack

    In this video I am disassembling a hydraulic car jack that I bought for 15 euro. I wanted to see how it works and in which quality the parts are. I didn`t disassemble all of the parts. The pipe in the middle, the safety valve , and the ball valves are still in place, because I have no reason to do it. Everything is visible in the photos and the function also became clear. I have plans for an alternative use of the hydraulic jack, I will post about it once I have tested it.
    link to the hydraulic jack: Brueder Mannesmann Werkzeuge M 007-T-GS2 Hydraulischer Wagenheber 2 t

    the photos:
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  • Yihua 936 – Review of a 14 Euro Soldering Station

    It was more or less a coincidence that I saw this very cheap soldering station on Hobbyking, while looking for parts for my quadrocopter. Here is my review for it:

    The Yihua 936 soldering station is a real upgrade for my soldering tasks, compared to my old and more expensive soldering iron with wall plug and without temperature regulation.
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  • Brushless Motor A2212/13T 1000KV review

    For my quadrocopter I needed some good and cheap motors. This A2212 1000KV brushless outrunner motors from ebay seller global.mart are very cheap and in this video you can see what I got for my money. I`m also measuring the radial runout.

    link to the motors: Ebay A2212/13T 1000KV Brushless Motor