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  • Featured Image Quadcopter Multiwii Settings for an Arduino Mega with IMU

    The multiwii code is very large and can be quiet overwhelming at the beginning(at least for me it was), but once you know that all the important settings are made on the config.h tab it becomes more overseeable. In the following I show the settings that I have chosen so far. Here is the video in which I tested them: http://youtu.be/ad5JCKX0C40
    I can`t guarantee that the quadcopter will fly with them, because I didn`t try it yet. When I change something I will update this page.

    (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)


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  • Arduino Mega Protoshield Review

    This is a protoshield(short for prototype shield) for an Arduino Mega. They are sold for around 3 Euro and in my opinion it`s worth it compared to the afford it takes to make a shield like this by myself. All the pins, the two leds and the reset button are brought to the top and labelled correctly.  In the middle is a lot of room to solder electronic components onto it. In my case I want to solder a 10 degree of freedom IMU and some headers onto it and use it as a flight controller shield for my quadcopter.

    link to the protoshield: Ebay – Arduino Mega Protoshield


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  • Featured Image My next project: Making a Rotational Speed Sensor

    I want to make an universal useable rotational speed sensor device. My first experiments with an infrared LED and an infrared diode which can be seen in the picture were promising. I could measure the RPM of a brushless motor and also of a propeller, just by the difference of reflections of the IR Led on the motor or propeller that got recognized by the IR diode. The Arduino code is already finished. The circuit is very simple, I didn`t even need an OpAmp.
    A video about this project will come in the next days, but before I make that, I will solder everything together nicely and add a LCD to show the rotational speed.

  • Arduino: How to control LEDs wireless over 433 MHz

    Here is a short video about how to control 2 LEDs with 2 buttons wireless with a cheap 433MHz module and the virtual wire library. This was a bit tricky, therefore worth making a video about it.
    You can download the sketches and breadboard pictures from below.
    get the 433 MHz module here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/370685120131

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  • How to multiply your Arduino UNO for less than 4 dollar

    In this video I show and explain how to easily get and use several Arduino UNO microcontrollers Atmel 328P-PU without the need to use the Arduino UNO board, except for uploading the sketch.
    It became kinda obsolete, after I found out about the even cheaper Arduino Pro Minis. But anyway, it was a nice project and gave me some more understanding of the Arduino hardware.


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  • Arduino: getting started with a 10 dof IMU

    In this video I`m showing how I`m getting started with a 10 degree of freedom inertial measurement unit containing an accelerometer ADXL345, a gyroscope L3G4200D, a magnetometer HMC4883 and a barometer BMP085 on an Arduino UNO.
    link to the IMU: Ebay – 10 dof IMU
    Links to the libraries used in this video:

  • Arduino: ultrasonic sensor and LCD; how to measure the distance and show it on a LCD

    The title says it all. :-)
    download the sketch here:  Ultrasonic_LCDisplay
    download the libary here: http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/NewPing#.UxP5xIVnv4U

  • Matrix Keypad – reducing the pins from 8 digital to 1 analog on Arduino [How to]

    This is my second video. A tutorial on how to use a matrix keypad with just one pin of an Arduino. One reason why I started my Youtube channel with the keypad review video was that I knew that I could make this video afterwards. This was one of the projects that I tinkered with when learning about the Arduino soft- and hardware last year.
    You can download the sketch and the library here: AnalogMatrixKeypad
    Buy the keypad here: Ebay Matrix Keypad

    the sketch:
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