Problems over Problems…

I didn`t make a video for a month because nothing I planned worked. At first I had to change the code of the rotational speed sensor because of a mathematical error. Now it does work, but not for low velocities and I still don`t know where the mistake in the code is.

Then I wanted to make a review of a cheap DC-DC converter but it never got delivered. I got my money back from paypal though.

Another video I wanted to record outside didn`t work because appearently the microphone in the camera recorded everything louder than my voice: cars, airplanes, insects, undefined background noice,…
And I don`t want to upload bad quality.
Thats why I bought a seperate audio recorder, the Zoom H1. You can hear it in my newest video: Homemade Quadcopter – part 1: Project Start, the quality is much better than the internal camera microphone that I used for my videos before.

With some other videos that I wanted to make instead of my planned ones, I had problems as well. So all in all it was a relative unfortunate time and I think I should produce some videos in advance to have a backup in case this happens again. Even though I only have a handfull subscribers at the moment I want to regulary upload videos. Now that I think about it, I don`t even know if anyone of them reads this. Greetings to you if you do!